Welcome to “Toos Rock Physics” a pioneering company specializing in rock physics and reservoir geomechanics. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we offer an extensive range of services and cutting-edge solutions to support diverse subsurface projects. Our team of experts combines advanced technology and industry-leading knowledge to deliver accurate results and cost-effective outcomes for your ventures.

  Comprehensive Rock Physics Studies: Our in-depth rock physics studies provide valuable insights for a wide spectrum of subsurface projects. We meticulously analyze rock properties, enabling precise reservoir characterization and reservoir engineering optimization.

  Rock Physics Atlas Development: Our extensive compilation of a rock physics atlas offers an invaluable resource, focusing on important formations both in Iran and across neibourhood regions. This atlas serves as a guide for your exploration and development endeavors.

  Cutting-edge Software Solutions: We develop user-friendly software, tailored for seismic-petrophysical and reservoir engineering studies. Our sophisticated tools enhance data analysis, interpretation, and modeling for improved decision-making.

  Specialized Training Courses: Our tailored training courses in rock physics equip professionals and researchers with the latest insights and techniques, empowering them to excel in their projects.

  Petrophysical Studies and Characterization: Our skilled team conducts comprehensive petrophysical studies and characterizes rock properties with precision. We analyze core samples, assess porosity, permeability, and grain size, and deliver essential reservoir data.

  Optimized Reservoir Geophysics: Utilizing state-of-the-art 2D, 3D, and 4D reservoir geophysics, we provide a clear understanding of reservoir structures and behavior, ensuring efficient exploration and development strategies.

  Expert Consultation Services: Our team of seasoned professionals offers expert consultation for a wide range of projects, including gas storage, exploration, development, enhanced oil recovery, carbon dioxide storage, geothermal energy, and deep water ventures. We help you make informed decisions for successful outcomes.

  Advanced Laboratory Testing: Our fully-equipped laboratories conduct a variety of tests, including geomechanical, petrography, and core analysis tests, rock physics experiments, and pressure-temperature simulations to replicate real reservoir conditions.

  Geochemical Services: We analyze the chemical composition and elemental properties of rock samples, providing crucial insights into reservoir quality and behavior.

  Reservoir Engineering: Our petroleum engineering services evaluate reservoir properties, fluid behavior, and perform reservoir simulations to optimize production and recovery strategies.

  Mathematical and Computational Modeling: We apply advanced mathematical and computational modeling techniques to interpret experimental results and establish quantitative relationships between rock properties.

  Collaborative Research Environment: Our company fosters a collaborative research environment, encouraging the exchange of knowledge among experts from diverse disciplines. This integrated approach enhances our understanding of complex subsurface structures.

  Industry, Academic, and Student Services: We offer comprehensive services catered to professionals, researchers, and students alike, tailoring our solutions to meet individual project requirements.

At “Toos Rock Physics” we are dedicated to advancing the science of rock physics and reservoir geomechanics. Our team strives to deliver reliable solutions and empower clients with essential knowledge, making us your trusted partner for successful subsurface projects.