Rock physics aims to characterize rock properties based on the behavior of seismic waves propagating through them.

Why Rock physics?

Rock physics is an interdisciplinary field that combines geophysics, petrophysics, and geology to study the physical properties and behavior of rocks. It focuses on understanding the relationship between the geological structure of rocks and their geophysical properties. By studying the physical properties of rocks, rock physics plays a crucial role in various applications, including petroleum exploration, reservoir characterization and management, Co2 and gas storage, geothermal energy, earthquake analysis and geological hazard assessment, ultimately enhancing our understanding of the Earth’s subsurface.
Rock physics employs theoretical and experimental approaches to investigate the underlying physical mechanisms that govern the behavior of rocks under different conditions. They seek to establish quantitative relationships between various rock properties, such as mineral composition, porosity, permeability, and elasticity, to interpret and predict the response of rocks to different geological and geophysical phenomena. Furthermore, it can be implemented within different workflows like seismic petrophysics, seismic-to-simulation (or simulation-to seismic) and seismic geomechanics.

Who are we?

We are a team of different specializations in various subsurface techniques. We specialize in applying physics principles and mathematical models to understand the complex behavior of rocks. Our work involves a combination of laboratory experiments, field data analysis, and computational simulations. We offer different services as below:

Who is our clients?

Every company that is interested in having knowledge about subsurface layers is our potential clients! This includes companies working in oil and gas exploration and development, geothermal energyCO2 and gas storage, deep water, and mining, Training, supervision and consultancy, Petrophysical interpretation and geological studies, rock physics analysis and modeling, seismic reservoir characterization and application of advanced workflows.

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